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Leadership and organizational development is intensly personal. Determining who you work with is critical. It must be a good fit for you and/or your team relative to style, methodology and personality. Let's start there.  


Next, whether you're looking for a facilitator, coach and/or trainer (or you're not sure), you'll want to get clear on two things:  1) What is you purpose?  2) What specific outcomes do you want to create?

Click on any service above to learn more about my approach to working with clients. I look forward to discussing how I can help... or providing a recommendation to someone who can better assist you.

My experience with Lauryn was a classic case of a student in need of a teacher, and what a great teacher Lauryn turned out to be! She guided our group skillfully and honestly.  We quickly formed strong bonds that were both challenging and supportive. I grew tremendously with her guidance and my group's insights. Lauryn leads with a deft hand, knowing when to step in, and when to let it flow. My time with Lauryn was one of the best experiences in my career, and can't recommend her highly enough.
Paul Yandell
Vice President Continuous Improvement
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
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