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Essentials of Leadership and Influence Series


  • Twelve 90-minute fun, experiential leadership development programs

  • Designed for groups of 8-15 individuals at any level

  • Ideally delivered in series on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis

  • Available as individual sessions (a la carte) or in combination (half and full day)


Value to Participants and the Organization:

  • Comprehensive instruction on the most common and significant factors in being successful managing people and working on teams.

  • Begins with the Individual and works through Team and Organization, coming back to Individual accountability and ownership for results.

  • Highly experiential enabling each individual to gain clarity and to identify personal action opportunities for improvement.

  • Deliverables:  Binder for each participant to take notes and identify actionable takeaways.  In addition, as each session builds and links learning from prior sessions, participants will complete an actionable Leadership Journal and Personal Success Plan.  This will help them put their learning into action and provide a basis for ongoing mentoring and development.


Mastering Self


1. Own It! – The foundation of all learning, growth and leadership is a willingness to take ownership for your results and create the outcomes you most want.  In this session, we will discover what it means to be truly accountable and set the stage to maximize our personal growth.


2. Communicate! - In this session participants will learn about their individual communication preferences and how to best get their message across to people with different styles and interests. (Individual style profiles available for an additional $60/participant)


3. Feed it Forward – All conflict begins small.  Likewise positive behavior often shows up in small ways. This session is focused on identifying and effectively giving feedback, noticing and recognizing positive behavior and resolving problem behavior so that we create a culture of honesty and courage, where others feel valued and stay focused on what’s next.


Teaming Up


4. Blinders Off – In this fun, energetic session, we will discover our natural leadership tendencies when working in and with groups.  Participants will engage in activities and discussion to gain insight into how they typically ‘show up’ and how to to more effectively take leadership, drive results and participate on teams.


5. Talking It Out. – Effective teams engage in robust communication, build constructive dissent, explore opinions and options.  People feel heard, respected and valued because openness, candor and disagreement are encouraged.  In this session we will focus on building team communication, having high-value meetings, and ultimately making better decisions.


6. Let’s Decide! – Effective decision-making at both an individual and team level is key to organizational performance.  Getting it right means 3 things:  1) making the best decision possible, 2) maximizing buy-in, and 3) effectively assessing, mitigating and/or changing course in the face of a poor decision or a changing environment.  In this session participants will identify a current decision amd immediately apply these concepts.


Creating Synergy


7. Win-Win-Win - Creating synergy means driving better results by working together.  Unfortunately many times not only do we NOT create better results, we diminish them by playing in silos, protecting territory, needing to be right, and simply not focusing on the greater good.  In this session, we’ll learn how to make 2+2 =5 instead of 3.


8. Trust Me!What are the building blocks of trust?  In this program we will explore how to be more trusting and trusted and ultimately, build a culture of trust on our team and in our organization.


9. Innovate!The only constant is change.  As leaders we need to respond quickly and effectively to change, but to truly grow, we must embrace and stimulate innovation.  This program will help participants gain insight into their natural response to change, and to develop skills to both effectively respond to change, and create a culture of that embraces innovation.

Thinking Systemically


10. The Art of Business - The most productive people in an organization ‘get’ how and why leaders make decisions and do the things they do.  Likewise, the most effective leaders help people understanding how a business works and the part each individual, team member, department and function plays in the end result.  In this program, we will explore the systemic nature of making good business decisions and how to create buy-in and understanding relative to the ultimate success of the business.


11. Powerful Influence – To be truly influential requires personal power and confidence.  It results from being proactive, taking action and engaging others in following you.  This program will further link and accumulate insights and skill sets from prior programs in order to help participants see, embrace and effectively exercise their own personal power and confidence as influencers and leaders in the organization.


12. Make an Impact! -  As the culmination of the program.  This session brings it all together.  We will review the lessons learned in the prior sessions, summarize insights and action items from all prior session, build a personal plan for success and create a path/framework for taking this learning forward in our jobs, our teams, our organization


Clarity.  Influence.  Impact.

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